About Us

Season Farms is a hard working little company with a big heart for all things Kiwi and local.

Family owned and situated in Gordonton, north of Hamilton in the mighty Waikato, the company began as a subsidiary of a well established, locally owned, agricultural contracting company.

With an eye for excellence and precision in growing crops Season Farms pushes both technology and knowledge boundaries in order to grow better plants and better fruit. We’ve even coined the phrase “The fruitiest fruit” which forms a cornerstone of our vision, along with excellent service and delivery.

By carefully controlling the conditions and crafting the nutrition required to grow fruit we achieve consistency in taste and eye appeal, all in an environmentally sustainable way, such that you, the discerning fruit lover can regularly enjoy our premium fruit.

Season Farms covered cropping boasts one of the greenest environmental growing footprints and some of the tastiest, guilt free fruit. Strawberries, passionfruit, figs and more. Season Farms are proud of their fruitiest fruit. Keep an eye out for Seasons Farms fruit wherever you go this season.