Passionfruitier Passionfruit

Season Farms grow the Passionfruitier Passionfruit for you to enjoy all season long.

Native to South America, the passionfruit is grown for its egg-sized fruit filled with wonderfully bright golden pulp. A fruitier source of fibre and vitamin C, the ripe aromatic fruit should be allowed to wrinkle and develop its sweetness then eaten raw, juiced, made into a syrup or used in sauces and desserts.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: Passionfruit, 1 Cup - 175g

Avg Qty Per Serving % Daily Intake Per Serving
Energy 1 1
Protein 2 2
Fat, total 3 3
Fat, total 4 4
Available Carbohydrates 5 5
Total Sugars 6 6
Sodium 7 7

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