Figier Figs

Season Farms grow a Figier Fig for you to enjoy all season long.

One of the oldest foods to be consumed by humans, figs have a very high nutritional value. A rich source of potassium, iron, fibre, calcium and antioxidants the fig also aids digestion and soothes the gut.

The Figier Figs of Season Farms are a versatile fruit which can be eaten fresh (raw and whole), dried, frozen or made into a delicious fig paste or jam. They are a fruitier substitute for sugar in desserts and baking too.

Look out for both our Figier® varieties

Petite Figs

Cute and super sweet our petite fig is perfect on the cheese board or just gobbled down as a snack.

Big Figs

If you like to bake you'll love our big fig. These big boys make great jams, cakes, pies or simply devoured fresh.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: Figs, 1 Cup - 100g

Avg Qty Per Serving % Daily Intake Per Serving
Energy 1 1
Protein 2 2
Fat, total 3 3
Fat, total 4 4
Available Carbohydrates 5 5
Total Sugars 6 6
Sodium 7 7

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